09 August 2012


One of the most thrilling aspects of working in comics is watching something develop from concept to execution. I get to see things evolve from a pitch – which in some cases is only a few paragraphs, others a full-on, multi-page treatment detailing the story issue-by-issue – to a script to art to a finished comic book, and it's a process that never ceases to amaze me.

Watching it happen with something I'm actually writing is just as cool.

The images above are from our upcoming Nowhere Men series, and that's Nate Bellegarde's original layout for this panel, followed by the black and white line art, and then Jordie Bellaire's colors. The only thing missing is the lettering by Fonografiks (which I'm keeping to myself for now), but I've been blown away by these guys every step of the way. Getting the layouts? Awesome. Getting the pencils and inks? More awesome. Jordie's colors? Insanely awesome.

Watching this stuff develop – whether it's my own comic book or any one of dozens of others – is about as good as it gets, really, and a constant reminder of why I got into this business to begin with. Even at two decades and counting, I still regard the whole creative process as something akin to alchemy. Things start as a collection of sentences, and then through the magic of artwork, whole worlds  are brought to life. It's a lot of work, obviously, but it's also incredibly fun.