10 August 2012


July wound up being artist's month as far as our Experience Creativity campaign went: Mike Norton, Charlie Adlard, Riley Rossmo, and Erik Larsen – titans all. 

Except for Riley, I've known all these guys for years. Erik, since 1991; Charlie since '95. I guess I first met Mike in 2003. They're all great, though. They all have very different styles, and they all have completely different perspectives on comics art. As different as they are, though, I like to think they're united by their uniqueness. That's one of the things that makes comic book artwork so great, after all: No two comics artists are the same. Even if one artist is inspired by another, that inspiration only asserts itself for so long.

Every artist would tell you differently, of course. There's no one more critical of his or her work than the artists responsible. They see all the influences, all the flaws, all the work that is yet to be done. It's the same with any creative person, actually – no matter what your craft, you're always striving to be better, always aiming to be more than the sum of the often disparate parts that originally inspired you to do what you do.

Ultimately, no matter who or what an individual artist's influences, there's something inside each and every one of them that demands to break out. It's their own personal vision that drives them to succeed, not the bits and pieces of things they've absorbed throughout their lives. They are who they are, and their individual style is what ultimately gives them their strength as artists.

So whether they're drawing Revival or It-Girl or The Walking Dead or Proof or Green Wake or Wild Children or Savage Dragon or Supreme... their own personal style shines through.