01 August 2012


I'm not sure how much boycotts work in the big scheme of things, but I have to say, as a person who enjoys Chic-fil-A's chicken sandwiches so much, I've been known to eat there more than once a day when I'm in Los Angeles or visiting my parents in Louisville, I simply cannot eat there anymore.

Chic-fil-A's stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriage disgusts me, and I personally can't, in good conscience, support a business that is proudly outspoken on its pig-headed intolerance. More to the point, I can't give money to a business that has donated millions to preventing same-sex couples from enjoying the same rights as every other American.

I've written before about marriage, and my thoughts on same-sex marriage, so I won't bore you by going into all that again. I think Chic-fil-A Appreciation Day is disgusting, though. It's a celebration of intolerance – a victory lap for stupidity.

Good-bye, Chic-fil-A.