30 January 2012


As January slips out of view, I thought it would be nice to collect the first four ads from the "Experience Creativity" campaign we're running over the course of 2012, in one place. We're spotlighting one a week in various Image titles, but they're also on the Image blog, and there are plans for some of them to appear in other places as well.

They're incredibly straightforward, and I'm very proud of the work Image's Jonathan Chan did on the design. They were created from photos taken by the creators' spouses or friends (or in the case of Shaky's, a professional photographer, Steven Cook), so it was important to have a clean look that would allow a variety of different images to look uniform yet distinctive. Jon kept things simple, and as is often the case with design, that's the shortest path to brilliance.

I think the idea speaks for itself, but we wanted to focus on what makes Image Comics great. In an industry populated by some of the most imaginative minds ever, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that they are – without a doubt – our single greatest resource. We wanted to celebrate, not just the comics we publish, but the amazing people who create them. Above all else, we wanted to tell their story – because their story is our story.