06 December 2011


Joe Keatinge used to work at Image Comics as our PR & Marketing Coordinator, but after a while, it was apparent that what he really wanted to do was create and write his own comics. He flogged our comics with gusto and he edited our Eisner and Harvey Award winning Popgun anthologies, but marketing other people's comics and editing other people's stories is not quite the same as doing your own thing. Both are rewarding jobs, but nothing beats actually creating something of your own.

So it's kind of awesome to know that come March 2012, Joe will have not one, but two comics to his credit. The first is a revival of the old Extreme title, Glory, that he and Ross Campbell are in the process of making their own, but the second falls very much under the classification of "doing your own thing." Drawn by an amazing young artist named Andre Szymanowicz, it's called Hell Yeah, and if oh boy, are you ever going to want this when it finally hits the stands next year.

Hell Yeah is an idea that's been knocking around in the backseat of Joe's mind for quite a while now, something he used to tell me about back when we'd sit around and discuss the various projects we each wanted to do at some point in the future, discussions that usually resulted in me saying, "Well, what's stopping you? Do it."

I don't know how soon Joe would've gotten around to Hell Yeah if he stayed at Image. No matter how fun it is, working in comics is still work, and I don't think it's breaking news that day jobs can often sap one's creativity. Sometimes it's simply hard to muster the enthusiasm after a full day's work. I mean, there's drinking to do, right? Digressions aside, though, it now seems that everything worked out as it should have, and that Joe's right where he's supposed to be, doing exactly what he wanted to do.

Every single day, I look at the comics we publish here at Image, the writers and artists we work with, and I find their almost single-minded pursuit of their dreams nothing short of inspirational. Too many people fritter their lives away wishing they could do something and then grow old wondering "what if..?" but the Joe Keatinges of the world, the Justin Jordans, the Nick Spencers, the Jonathan Hickmans, the Robert Kirkmans... they're actually doing it.

So Hell Yeah.



Hell yeah.